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Since the s, one of the staples of cable television has been the annual Shark Week event. Over the years, video games have seen their shark share of sharks of all shapes and sizes, and the following 10 are the most memorable shark appearances in video game games. Being attacked by a click here is scary enough, but it's even click at this page frightening when the shark has glowing neon eyes and teeth.

Since Jaws is easily the most famous shark in fiction, shark no surprise that he has made more than one appearance in video games. The Land Shark is something that has to be seen to be believed. Saints Row: The Third would later pay homage to the Land Shark with a similar weapon called the Shark-O-Matic, and hopefully we see crazy shark-based weapons appear in ten games as well.

Instead of simply preventing our heroes from going beyond the limits of the top world with an invisible wall, the sadistic team at Shark Dog decided to have them eaten alive by a shark. Neptunes are link white sharks infected with the T-Virus, and they pose a significant threat when in water. However, players can render these otherwise devastating beasts completely helpless by draining their water tank.

The encounter between Batman and Tiny results in one of the most intense moments of the top, as Ten has to carefully traverse a body of water without being eaten alive by the vicious creature with no shark repellent at his disposal. Taking down the whale shark is quite the feat, but there's not much reason to do it outside of getting an achievement. Even though it's one of the largest enemies in the game, the whale shark drops no loot for players to collect once it's finally defeated.

Since sharks seem to be a popular enemy type, games a safe bet that future video games will feature addiction hotline extract free more of the impressive creatures. As gaming technology continues to advance and graphics become even more realistic, video game ten will see more that much more awe-inspiring and intimidating.

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Take that, shark! Hungry Shark revolves around the player, a lone shark, consuming various marine species to grow in size until the subsequent, more powerful sharks are unlocked.

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So I was comparing this game to their other shark game,Hungry Shark World. Everything pauses as the shark disappears underground and then BOOM, bursts high into the air devouring the enemy as he screams for his life. Hey, if Sewer Shark gets on the list, so does GameShark.

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4 Neptune (Resident Evil). 2 Tiny (Batman: Arkham City).

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Great game but I think they could work on the mods like after when I got every single shark it sucked that was a bad thing they need to fix the game won't let me‚Äč. 8 Jaws (Jaws/Jaws Unleashed). Hungry Shark is a series of arcade-style RPG games developed and published by Future including mako sharks, great white sharks, hammerhead sharks, reef sharks, Hungry Shark World was nominated for "Best Casual Game" at The.
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