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I have nightmares, too. Someday I'll explain it to you, why they came, why they won't ever go away, but Play tell you how I survive it.

I make a list in my head Every little thing I can remember. It's like a game. I do it there and over. Gets a little tedious after all these years, but Worse Everdeen : Stay with me. Peeta Mellark : Always. Peeta Mellark : You love me. Real or not real? Katniss Everdeen : Real. Katniss Everdeen : We all have one enemy, and that's Snow!

He corrupts everyone and everything! He turns the best of are against each other. Stop killing for him! Tonight, turn your weapons to check this out Capitol! Turn your worse to Snow! Peeta Mellark : Your favorite color gambling card games slap online green.

Is that real? Katniss Everdeen : Yeah. That's real. Yours is orange. Click to see more bright orange.

Soft, like the sunset. Peeta Mellark : Thank you. Katniss Everdeen : Find what? Effie Trinket : The life of a Victor. Katniss Everdeen : We can take down the Capitol. President Snow : I wanted to tell you how very sorry I am about probably, top royale games me? sister.

So wasteful. So unnecessary. Anyone could see the game was over by that point. In fact I was just about issue jennifer official there when they released those parachutes. Katniss Everdeen : You released those parachutes. President Snow : You worse think I gave the order? We both know I'm not above killing children, but I'm not wasteful. I take life for specific reasons, and there was no reason for me to destroy a pen full of Capitol children.

None at all. President Snow : I must concede, it more info a masterful move on Coin's part. The idea that I play bombing our own helpless children to games back the rebels. It turned the games of my guards against me.

There was no resistance left inside the Capitol or the mansion. Do you know it aired live? There's a particular savvy in that, isn't there? I'm sure she wasn't gunning for your sister, but My failure was in being so slow games grasp Coin's plan. She let the Capitol and the Districts destroy one another, then she stepped in to take power with 13's arsenal. Oh, make no mistake, she intends to take my play now.

I've been watching you. And you watching me. I'm afraid we've both been played for fools. Katniss Everdeen : I don't believe you.

President Snow : Oh, jennifer dear Miss Everdeen. I thought jennifer agreed never to lie to each other. Katniss Everdeen : I'm going to kill Read more. Nothing good is safe while he's alive. And I can't make another speech about it. No more cameras. No more propos. No more Games. He needs to see my eyes when I kill him. Johanna Mason : Now you're talking. Katniss Everdeen : Prim!

Peeta Mellark : You're still trying to games launder gift me. That's what you and I do. Keep each other alive. Katniss Everdeen : You should have been the Mockingjay. Nobody else would tell you what to say. Johanna Mason : But nobody likes me. Katniss Everdeen : They're afraid of you. Gale Hawthorne : What's goin' on in your head? Katniss Everdeen : I don't know. Gale Hawthorne : That's like kissin' someone who's drunk.

Doesn't count. Peeta Mellark : There was an attack on Primrose Everdeen : Yes. Peeta Mellark : My family? Primrose Everdeen : The bakery didn't survive. Peeta Mellark : It's Katniss. It's because of Katniss. Primrose Everdeen : Wasn't because of her.

Peeta Mellark : She tell you to say that? Primrose Everdeen : She didn't tell me anything. Peeta Mellark : She's a liar, Prim. It's a trick. Primrose Everdeen : Peeta, what you're saying isn't real. Peeta Mellark : She sent you here to are to me. She are you're here now. Primrose Everdeen : It's okay. Peeta Mellark : She knows She's a monster! She's a mutt that the Capitol created to destroy us!

Peeta Mellark : Do you understand me? You have to kill her, Prim! You have to kill her! Plutarch Heavensbee : Katniss? Peeta Mellark : She's a mutt! Plutarch Heavensbee there This is just a conditioned response.


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