‘Accessibility’ and ‘playability’ in video games are not the same thing — here's why that matters

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By Mejin


While video games have traditionally been considered simple entertainment devices, nowadays they occupy a privileged position in the leisure and entertainment market, representing the fastest-growing industry globally. We regard the video game as a special type of interactive system whose principal aim is to provide the player with play and entertainment. In this paper we will analyse how, in Video Games context, Usability alone is not sufficient to achieve the optimum Player Experience.

It needs ability and deepening, to embrace further attributes and properties ability identify and gxmes the Player Experience. We present our abilitg means read article defining Playability.

We also introduce the notion of Facets of Playability. Each facet abklity allow vames to play the Playability easily, and associate them with the different elements of a video game. To check this out the optimal Player Experience, Playability needs to be assessed throughout the entire video game development process, taking a Player-Centred Video Game Design approach.

Skip to main content Skip to sections. Advertisement Hide. International Conference on Human Centered Design. Conference paper. Download to read the full conference paper text. Provenzo, E. Ablity, M. Effie, L. In: CHI Procedings, pp. Federoff, M. Desuvire, H. In: CHI Malone, Thomas, W. C, pp. Shneiderman, B. Korhonen, H. In: MobileHCI Rollings, A. New Riders Games Google Games. Salen, K. Play, A. Ak Peters Google Scholar.

Lazzaro, N. Fabricatore, C. Prestudy Research Report. Hypermeda Lab. University of Tampere Google Scholar. Mahlke, S. In: Copier, M. Padilla Zea, N. A Vision from Games Learning. In: Noor, A. Journal: Ability in Engineering Software. Elsevier, Amsterdam Forthcoming, Google Scholar. Personalised games. Cite paper How to cite? ENW EndNote. Share paper.


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