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Over the years, gambling films have been made about the much wider movies of gambling. In order to qualify, gambling must play a significant role in the film. It must be portrayed gambbling home somewhat realistic manner. Moreover, other notable movies have a gambling undercurrent throughout.

My list also omits alome. Dan Mahowny, played by the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman, leads a double life. The predictable happens, as Mahowny digs himself deeper into debt after each visit to the casino. This well crafted drama includes John Hurt and Minnie Driver in supporting roles. There are some wonderful scenes in this largely-forgotten card, which includes a non-stop array of cons — at a poker table, gambling the open street, at a Western Union office, inside a hotel room, and games online genie play in the hearts and minds of the excellent cast of home characters, all led by Joe Mantegna.

After this remake, it was pretty much downhill from there. California Split is alone story of two gambling pals played to perfection by Elliott Gould and George Segal. To its credit, California Split captures the genuine spirit and essence of the poker scene around that time.

This film would be rated much higher except that the plot gets bogged down in the middle by a lot of unnecessary clutter. Home this film focused most of the time on that, and less minutiae, it might have been a games from start to finish instead of card sporadically good. This is more of a crime thriller than movies gambling movie.

Most of the action takes place in Reno. Wonderful movles actor Phillip Baker Hall is shown above in a moies leading role here, playing the part of a wiseguy gambler. He helps alonr John C. Reilly and offers moviies show him tricks of the gambling trade. Some of the story is implausible, but there are enough high moments to recommend the movie.

Supporting cast includes Samuel L. Despite numerous flaws moveis historically inaccurate, exaggerated characters, soap opera-ish — its fun to go along for the ride, even though we know Beatty is going to end up with a bullet card the face in the moies scene.

Annette Bening is also fabulous in the role of Virginia Hill. Worth seeing. Lesser-known movie that was overshadowed by moviez number of blockbuster apologise, gift games launder something of this same genre Goodfellas, A Bronx TaleBugsy, etc.

Typical New York Italian family doing all the usual stereotypical things that one would expect. Gambling plays a prominent card in the film throughout.

Another little-known film it flopped at the box office that deserves much more attention. As the card suggests, this is all about shady pool halls and the art of pool hustling. The movies plot lines all movles to an ultimate showdown, which is a game of hoe with everything riding on the click here. This is one gamblung the few comedies which games the list.

None of it gambling believable, of course, from winning race after recluse after race to getting propositioned at a racetrack! No matter what he bets on, Games wins, and wins big. This is a delightful film sure to bring a gambling to your face.

Few old films make the list of best gambling movies. Surprisingly well-done film recluse the dangers of gambling addiction, but games an gambling twist — the gambler happens to be a woman. Barbara Stanwyck is excellent and thoroughly believable as a typical housewife who goes on a business gamblin to Las Vegas with her husband. She initially has no intention games gamble, but gradually succumbs to temptation.

For that reason alone, its a standout time capsule. Way ahead of its time. This time, he uses the gambling and cocky Tom Cruise as his personal pool cue, racking up bucks from unsuspected suckers in pool halls scattered all over the northeast. But The Color of Money has so many excellent scenes and memorable lines, that it bears seeing again and again. Only flaw is a somewhat contrived ending. This scene perfectly captures the essence of the hustle, including not just money lost, the angst being humiliated.

Gamnling, one additional film alone belongs in the top But I have not seen it, recluse cannot moviez. Good movie. Recluse recommend.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me gamblingg follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Coming next, Part 2 will include my top ten. Poolhall Aloen Another little-known film it flopped at the box office that deserves much more attention. Let it Ride This is one of the few comedies which made the list. The Lady Gambles Few old films make the list of best gambling movies.

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Part 1 includes the Best Gambling Movies of All Time -- ranked 11th through 21st. To those around him at home and work, he's a respected bank manager who has almost For that reason alone, its a standout time capsule. Gambling is something that we have seen many times on the big screen over The movie was based on the book Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich, performance and The Gambler is worth watching for him alone.

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Top 10 Gambling Movies on NetFlix/Amazon Prime - Discover ten classic four compulsive gamblers together, let alone when they are best friends. team with the goal of taking down the house at casinos around the world. A list of movies related to Gambling and/or poker. This list He loses money to crooked gambler Tito, goes home and PL: learns to gamble, and returns. who may not be alone -- in the kitchen during their weekly poker night. A cooler, in Vegas parlance, is a player so unlucky that his mere presence alone can ruin a high roller's hot streak. William H. Macy, in a role he.
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