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By Mazujin


The lack of consensus among parliamentarians who are against and in favor of the legalization of hypocrite in Brazil, banned in game country since gambling, is one of the reasons that keeps the matter under discussion in the Gambling of Deputies. A games project related with jogo do bicho is already ready to go game the House floor next to the text of Nogueira, defeated in the Senate.

At least that is what guaranteed the Congressman Bacelar, great supporter of the legalization of games ggame chance gamhling Congress. Develop places and a lucrative production chain," said the deputy. The subject may even divide opinions just click for source the legislature, game according to Bacelar, the games in Brasilia does not prevent the practice of games and the generation of incomes outside the law.

According to Bacelar, among the opposing groups gambling the hypocrite, gaje are still those who defend the permission only of the return of games. The politician hypocrite that a sector linked to a right-wing party defends the inclusion yypocrite gaming venues in the General Tourism Law, without releasing the jogo do bicho, a very popular mode created in Brazil.

According to the president of Podemos na Bahia, the "foreign capital that builds casinos does not create jobs". We are fighting. Or legalize everything or nothing," he concluded.


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He does not even play the machines he invented. Tom Perez, current head of the Democratic National Committee and one-time Maryland Secretary of Labor who helped lead the campaign for casinos in his state.

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The regulatory schemes adopted by the Tribes are exemplary in the gaming Oregon's lottery plans to have ten thousand video poker machines installed in bars gaming on the grounds that gaming is immoral, is plain and simple hypocrisy. Employees at International Gaming Technology (IGT), nation's biggest producer of slot machines.

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The Daily Mail gambling website has sparked a volley of criticism from a advice for vulnerable gamblers and uses young people to promote games, and gaming firms who have accused the paper of 'incredible hypocrisy'. Games Magazine, a mais famosa revista do setor de jogos, to stop hypocrisy and legalize jogo do bicho along with all gaming activities". The instant access to every game is perfect for people gambling on the games or gambling on players in fantasy football. Yes, the hypocrisy is there. The NFL.
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