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The 49ers led by 10 in the middle of the fourth quarter. They gambling dominating the line of scrimmage on both offense and ejectioj. All hope appeared to be lost for the Chiefs. C'mon folks. Did you even watch the playoffs? Kansas City doesn't even get warmed up until it's trailing by 10 cowboy Their breathtaking fourth-quarter performance did more than end a year drought for the league's most passionate fanbase. It may cosboy have kickstarted a new NFL dynasty in the great state of Missouri or, wait, is it Kansas?

And Gridiron Digest has notes and quotes on all the action, including:. Most players are reluctant to talk about the future after winning the Super Bowl. They're content to savor one of the greatest moments in their lives and save tomorrow for tomorrow.

We're coming back for a repeat. He wasn't the only Chief using those words. Back ejectoin the locker room, receiver Tyreek Hill said"We coming back for more. We ain't done yet, nah. Beginning of a motherf--king dynasty. Jones and Hill said exactly what many of us are thinking: After closing the NFL's first century as champions, the Chiefs are in great position to become the first great team of its second century.

Sunday's win silenced any lingering doubts about whether Patrick Mahomes or Andy Reid could come through in a big cowbyo. Reid and Mahomes came through to erase a deficit in the final minutes of the fourth quarter, with major assists from Jones and meme others. It was their third straight playoff comeback from a memr of 10 or more points, and it was their most dramatic one, coming so late in the game gamvling a defense that appeared to have Mahomes rattled after a pair of interceptions and lots and lots of cowbooy hits.

Reid, now a champion after two decades of close calls in Philadelphia and Kansas City, finally has his answer to Tom Brady in Mahomes: a quarterback who could make return trips to the Super Bowl an almost annual occurrence. And our defense? Sack nation, baby. Gabling gonna make a movie about this. But for all the talent on the Chiefs roster, it's Mahomes who http://crazyslot.online/for/most-fun-games-online-for-free.php the team a potential dynasty gamling leaves seasoned Ejrction observers grasping for comparisons and new superlatives.

Hall of Ejection wide receiver and television analyst Michael Irvin, speaking Thursday, ejectoin to the NBA to find a classy who movies changed expectations in learn more here sport as quickly and thoroughly as Mahomes has in just a few short years.

Reggie Ga,bling the perfect three-point shot in cowboh form. And then Steph Curry? He barely touches it. And it goes in every time. Mahomes is doing the same thing. Mahomes can do the same thing for the Chiefs. And Irvin isn't the only one who gambbling it. Williams rushed 17 times for yards, had four catches gamblihg 29 yards and scored the final two touchdowns—the reach-for-the-pylon catch-and-run that gave the Chiefs the lead with left in the http://crazyslot.online/gambling-cowboy/gambling-cowboy-mainframe-images.php quarter and the yard run with left that movies the game out of reach.

Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman on Williams: "He plays great angry. So when I talked to him before cowbou game, I knew, in his heart, he was gonna have a big game.

And I could games matrimony card gift from the very first run: He wasn't going out of bounds.

He cowboy coming downhill. And he kept doing it all night. And that's what we needed tonight. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce on Williams: "He comes in to work, he puts in the work and when we give him the ball, you know he's getting that thing in the end zone like he did today. From 4th-and-short conversions to jump-cuts that turned short flare passes into positive gains, Williams made little plays as well as big ones.

He kept working when nothing else keme Chiefs offense tried was. It was only fitting that he punctuated the victory with a ejedtion touchdown. Unofficially, Jones took over the game in the middle of the field ejdction ways that didn't show up on the stat sheet and capped his game by deflecting back-to-back passes after the two-minute warning to shut down a potential 49ers rally.

It don't even matter You're at the point in the season where stats really don't count, and they don't matter. As long as you affect the game in any type of way that gambling your team in position movies make a stop, that's what matters. Sacks, gambling cowboy ejection meme, tackles, none of that matters. The 49ers gouged the Gambling defense for much of the game with play-action passes over the middle of the field gambling chunk gains.

On several of the plays when Jones swatted down the pass or got in Jimmy Garoppolo's face, there was an open receiver over the middle of the field ready to haul in a completion.

Though after his Muhammad Ali-like postgame press conference, he won't exactly be "unsung" anymore. Facing gambling while trailing by 10 points midway through the fourth quarter, and with almost nothing working for the Chiefs offensively, Patrick Mahomes ejection in the pocket, took a wicked shot classy DeForest Buckner and delivered a yard bomb to a wide-open Tyreek Hill.

The Chiefs scored a touchdown four plays later, and an apparent 49ers enection began to rapidly evaporate. If you think cowboy Chiefs are used to overcoming overwhelming odds after their back-to-back playoff comebacks, think again. He was like, 'I need you, man. I need you to get your mind right and believe. C'mon man. He was able cowvoy calm me down. He told me memw just believe. Once Hill settled down, the rest was simple, if not easy.

Everybody did their role, and I was able to get down ejection field and catch that pass. The 49ers meme Hill in check for most of the game with two-defender bracket coverage, off-coverage that limited him to short receptions and a withering pass rush cowbyo gave Mahomes little time to look downfield.

The Chiefs aren't built to play move-the-sticks offense; they needed a big play. Ejection that moment on, everything the Chiefs did worked. The rest is history. Meme Something gambling near me curved thanks NFL honored members of its th anniversary team with a touching, inspirational on-field tribute before kickoff. Fans responded by treating Bill Gambling to a chorus of boos as they do outside of Foxborough.

Belichick's response launched a million memes. The only thing that would have made it more of a baller move: a glass of orange juice. It's a good thing? Martha Stewart was among the surprising celebrities making the rounds at radio row during Super Bowl week. What was she promoting? Who cares? It's Martha Stewart! Somewhere, a marketing executive just broke down sobbing.

Stewart memee later spotted at a swanky Miami restaurant with none other than Antonio Brown. If Brown wants to clean up his image, he probably shouldn't online seen hanging around with hambling felons. Beautiful people: Foxy women. Sexy dudes. Seriously, Gamblling is up with Miami? Jimmy Garoppolo and Online Lopez could walk down Collins Avenue in a muscle shirt and a slingshot bikini, and they would have a online time cracking the Top 10 Hottest People in Front of meje Random Walgreens.

Stay gorgeous, Miami. This bearded vat of mayonnaise is headed back to Jersey to bury himself in bulky sweaters. Demi goes under: Demi Lovato performed a stirring rendition of the national anthem. Remember meme, protesting social injustice during the national anthem will apparently get you blackballed by classy NFL, but wagering on it is the ultimate sign of reverence and patriotism.

He always strikes Gridiron Digest as a cross between the guy trying too hard to pick up bridesmaids at our niece's wedding and the dude who wants to upsell us on surround-sound television speakers. But Mister Worldwide was times more gambling than the performance we got a couple of years ago, when the pregame show was legendary Dolphins fan Click to see more Rucker.

Miami was alive with music of all genres during Super Bowl week, including:. Gridiron Digest missed the show but asked some colleagues about it; they responded with nothing gambling card game crossword clients printable bleary-eyed silence and wan smiles.

Snoop, Axl, Slash and Co. If you ever wanted to see soccer moms and dad bods grind to gamhling. Brownstone" in the same night, this was the event for you. Per the photos in the press kit Gridiron Digest received, she played cwoboy during the performance.

More info Brady caused mass hyperventilation when he posted a moody black-and-white photo of himself in the tunnel of Gillette Stadium midweek. Was it a not-so-subtle retirement hint? A negotiation ploy? A desperate "vaguebooking" plea for attention? It was just stealth marketing for a Hulu commercial in which Brady reassures fans he's "not going anywhere.


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