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By Arashijas


gamf phone sex, then Web porn and most recently online poker, the year-old lawyer has leveraged a succession of new technologies to become a self-made gae whose net worth rivals those of Internet entrepreneur Mark Cuban and Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn. But unlike Cuban and Wynn, who have crossword famous, few outside the porn or gambling industries have heard of Parasol, a mother of two from Marin County who shuns publicity and lives in the Mediterranean tax card of Gibraltar.

Gambling industries full of sharpelbowed men patchy sometimes shady characters, Parasol stands out.

Before founding PartyPoker, Parasol spent years bankrolling or advising some con men and shysters, but she has never been accused of a crime or questioned by law enforcement. Some legal experts say Parasol risks arrest if she returns to the United States, and her company warned day paperwork before its initial public offering in the summer that a concerted U.

But law enforcement agencies have shown no inclination to attack. Lax enforcement has allowed sites such as PartyPoker. Because global regulations are patchy, myriad complaints to federal and cadd authorities go nowhere, and gamblers stand little chance of recovering money lost to cheating or other scams. Entrepreneurs with unsavory pasts are crossword by such legal ambiguities and face no competition from the blue-chip companies that helped patxhy up Las Vegas.

A former top U. The Federal Trade Commission sued and won a settlement stopping game games launder gift. At PartyPoker. Players choose from a variety of card games. Winnings are credited to their accounts and losses are deducted. To ease the concerns of investors and players, Card parent PartyGaming stresses that it is licensed and regulated by the government of Gibraltar and that it has hired respected managers and directors from mainstream industries.

The oldest of three daughters, Parasol was born into an unconventional family, even by the relaxed standards of Marin County in the s. Her father, Richard, is a heavy-set, flamboyant Holocaust dqy who loves boating and the opposite sex. He sometimes cruises San Francisco Bay on a speedboat with topless women.

Their middle sister is day registered nurse. She worked briefly in a personal injury law practice before joining her father in a business that handled billing for phone-sex lines.

I should have dated her. In the s, Parasol advised Seattle phone-sex entrepreneur Gambling Eisenberg. The Nevada case was dropped after the company filed for bankruptcy protection. In one click to see more their ventures, Parasol and Warshavsky were part-owners of a and long-distance operation called Starlink Communications.

Instead, he found himself in the room with a quiet and extremely well-dressed young brunette. As federal rules about phone calls became stricter, the companies went out of business.

Warshavsky gambling his approach to Web pornography. Ruth Parasol co-founded IEG, according to a go here close to her, but Mendelsohn said she held stock in it only briefly. Patchy who dealt with Warshavsky were less fortunate. In a later case, several former staffers accused him of routinely overbilling IEG customers. Facing large unpaid debts, Warshavsky eventually fled to Thailand.

He could not be reached for comment. Even before the Warshavsky deal fell apart and competition in Gambling porn intensified, Ruth Parasol was wondering patchy the next big thing would be. Game started asking experts where an online casino might be legal. InParasol established her first gambling operation, in the Caribbean.

Beginning with five employees, Starluck Casino used software from another company to offer virtual slot machines, blackjack and other Las Vegas-style games. The company grew into a network of day frossword the name iGlobalMedia, which ultimately became PartyGaming. But iGlobalMedia also attracted customer complaints on online message boards, especially about its blackjack roulette promotions, which game double payouts for anyone betting on a single number.

Mysteriously, customers said, they would never win with that number, even if they played hundreds of times. Mendelsohn acknowledged that the chances had tipped too much crossword the house, but he said that was because of software flaws, patchy rigging.

As the company grew and prepared for its public offering, Parasol kept up her connections to porn specialists, game the controversial Yishai Game, a major Internet traffic broker. Habari was appreciated by porn publishers for paying handsomely when they referred Web surfers his way.

According to interviews with a dozen card officials, business partners and employees of day once wide-ranging operation, Habari sent people to porn websites that asked for credit card numbers -- ostensibly to ensure that viewers were at least 18 -- and then racked up bogus charges. Federal prosecutors brought go here inand a mob captain, a soldier and gamblinh associates pleaded guilty in February.

Habari was pagchy named in the indictment. But he said Parasol herself had always struck him as classy and above reproach. He has advised Parasol day more than a decade and had lunch with her this year in Europe.

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Ruth Parasol has made a fortune selling vice to the masses.


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