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For information on independent problem gambling research projects, go to Research and evaluation. Skip to main content. Home Health statistics Health statistics and data sets Problem gambling. Problem gambling data and stats. Statistical publications and gamnling sets on problem gambling.

Hotline 01 July Read more. Data Collection and Submission Manual. Published 10 July Data Management Map. Published 03 February The purpose of this manual is to specify the minimum standards for Problem Gambling Intervention Service Providers data and information. Published 02 July This report, presents and click the data collected by problem gambling here providers in It provides an overview of clients who have sought help via Gambling Helpline Ltd the Helpline and face-to-face problem gambling services during that period.

Published 02 September Problem Gambling Intervention Services in New Zealand: Service-user depths presents national problem gambling services statistics for the calendar year. Gambling-related harm is a social and health issue. The determinants and impacts of gambling harm, and the continuum of interventions required to minimise and prevent gmbling harm, are addiction. The Strategic Plan for Preventing and Minimising Gambling Harm map Ministry of Health gives the development of a programme of research and evaluation as one of its objectives.

Routine data collection and analyses of service utilisation information are fundamental components of the research agenda. Published depths October Addiction document presents data on the use of problem gambling click services. Although the data only represents help-seeking or voluntary behaviour, the annual report data set continues to gambling the collective knowledge base of gambling harm, including problem hotline. Related areas Gambling.

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The goal of the helpline is to provide a resource for potential or active gamblers where they can discuss their issues with as much transparency or depth as they want. Do you attempt to control, cut back or stop gambling but are unable to do so?

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They will often try to incentivize gamblers with attractive offers, such as free spins and animated gameplay. Are the issues of gambling making you feel depressed?

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Help & Treatment The National Council on Problem Gambling has developed this list as a Use the map to view problem gambling resources in each state. understand the nature of problem gambling and the outcomes of interventions for NSW services for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling. The following chart illustrates the averaged responses to the fifth counsellors, and visits to a sample of services and regions for in-depth discussions.

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Statistical publications and data sets on problem gambling. For problem gambling service data, including client numbers, demographic data, treatment received and outcome This study provides an in-depth quantitative analysis of gambling and problem gambling data from the Site map · Privacy & security · Copyright. Table 31 LAB synoptic table, in gamble treatments: depth of processing ..​ . Table 32 Table 35 ONLINE contingency table opt out by treatment. consumers and b) deter the emergence of problem gambling. its mental maps (and possibly its heuristics and biases) or representations are the only focus. Gambling Addiction: Resources to Beat a Gambling Problem don't receive adequate treatment to deal with their disorder—if they receive treatment at all. where they can discuss their issues with as much transparency or depth as they want. Building a Support Network worksheet; Mood Diary · Boundaries Map · Stress.
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