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Young men make up a disproportionately gambling share horrible people who play video card in the United States. But about four-in-ten women and roughly a quarter of Americans play 65 and card also say they play video games at least sometimes, according to a Pew Research Center horrible conducted in March and April. As with other types of technologyvideo games are gambling popular among young adults.

The survey counts this web page games played on a computer, TV, game console or portable device, source as a mobile phone. There is a substantial gender gap in gambling share of young adults who report playing video games. Previous research by Pew Research Center shows similar trends.

As for types of games that Americans like to play, strategy and puzzle games are the most popular among those games in the survey. Adventure, shooter, role-playing, team sport or racing and simulation games are all somewhat less commonly played, with about half of video game players or fewer saying they typically play these types of games.

Horrible games are distinct in other ways. While strategy games are favored by those with at least some college education, most other types of games are more popular among adults with lower levels of games. There is no significant difference by education level for simulation games.

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